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Sleeping Habbits by CrystalBluefox
Sleeping Habbits
I actualy created this little fox and its friend 'the cat' November 15 last year! So yeah, I thought it was about time... and because it's my birthday today (turning 29! Yay!:happybounce: ) so I thought; if I should do anything I should move my ass and get to upload some art...again! *mumbles* (freaking about time as well) *mumbles* hehe!
Hope you like this lill' friend here! More will with no doubt come! I have in mind to make all ten of 'em! Wink/Razz 


Chapter 6

The Last Will of a Mutant Turtle




“I… have never been any good leader, despite what people used to say, even my brothers. I have tried to be a good big brother as well… but way too often I have been blinded by my own too straight illusions of what is right and what is wrong.”


The old mutant turtle scratched the back of his neck. Despite his age, he still looked like a young turtle in his late forties, strong and determined. Maybe more determined than what he had felt like in years. His old gear had been put back on, though it felt smaller than it had back then, the old turtle liked the feeling, all what was left to put on was his blue bandana, the colour had faded with time to a pale blue. So many years had gone since he last had worn it.


“Lucas and Adam have become two brave very strong ninja’s, just as you would have liked them to be, Mikey, just like you and Maria has wanted them to become – they’re an image of their father. God, I can’t understand how Master Splinter have been able to take care of us four back then, without having a mental breakdown.” He was chuckling, he have not been chuckling like that for years… it was a nostalgic chuckle and a sad one at the same time. He hived a breath “But then, he also only had one Mikey to take care of, one Donnie, one Raph… one me… God, I miss you guys. It has been so long, such a long time since… you all…were taken.” He cleared his throat, the sorrow sitting thick in his throat, refusing to disappear. He looked up into the camera, not saying anything, just…studying it. “I have kept my promise Raph; I’ve taken care of our family, the best I could, though maybe not as good as you would’ve done it...


I’ve also kept my promise to you, Mikey, just as you’ve said I’ve taken care of Maria till she found comfort in leaving the kids with me, then, as she said, she wanted to return back upside to a “normal human life”. We’re still in contact every now and then, but I’ve pulled a bit further away from her, just so she can have her space, to have a normal life… just as you would have done, I guess. But I’ve taken care of the kids till they were strong enough to take care of themselves – Adam has just turned seventeen last week, but I trust Lucas to take well care of his brother from now on. We’ve talked about it, they understood, but didn’t really accept it, but I’m old now, I want my rest, I want my family, my brothers…back…” he hovered a finger above the stop-bottom, conflicting with himself whether or not to delete that last part, he decided against it. In his other life, in his next life he deserved to know, everything, both the good ones and the bad ones, what he should do and not do when it came to let his brothers need for evolving separate with their own dreams. That’s why he had written a journal, they all had, even Raph. Even Raph had written a journal, his dreams, his hopes, his inner thoughts, his last goodbye – he had known that they would read it some when and apparently he didn’t care about his thoughts being read out.


He had wanted them to know.


He took in a shivering breath of air. Time was nearing, closing in on him. He could feel it. He had made sure to sharpen his two katanas and placed his two old beloved swords right there, where Don had instructed him to place each of their weapons when time came for each of them.


A flash of memory.


A flash of Donatello smiling sadly at him, ignoring the blood spilling from the side of his mouth, ignoring the gaping hole of the gunshot piercing through his throat. It was floating with blood, so much blood, and not only from the pulsating hole in his throat, but also from the back of his head there had met the cold concrete after falling five stories down, after being taken by surprise at the shot.


He had looked so surprised, so scared, but then his expression had changed to one at peace, one with determination and relief. Leonardo had called for him, no, screamed for him, reached for him –Mike right behind him, what a horrible painful sound there erupted from his youngest brother’s mouth.


But they had been too late as they watched their brother stumble over the edge and fall down.


The crack they heard as he hit the concrete, shell cracking, skull breaking, had been loud and horrible.


But Donatello had just been smiling. “So it came.” Were his final words, alongside a whispering “sorry” and “take care, bros.”.


Michelangelo had been the one taking on Donatello’s death the hardest. That’s why he slipped one night, some months later, when they were hunted. That’s why he for a split-second was unaware, as he tried to protect his own two sons.


They were a hunted species now, a known hunted species that people couldn’t accept lived among them.


They wanted a population pure with humans.


Nothing else was welcome.


Poor Adam had been the closest… and Leonardo had been sure that he himself would have been the one to go next right after Don…but it was Mike.


At least he managed to get them back to their lair –there unbelievable enough still was unknown for the outside world, but he guessed that they could thank Donatello’s computer system there deleted their location for any existence on any satellite map and only stood out as a poisoned swamp.


Mike died just as he should leave him in the arms of his wife; he died in the arms of those he loved, with a cracked teasing smile on his lips. Leonardo had been sure a long time after that, that Mike would suddenly wake up and say “fooled!”…but unfortunately, those words and those actions never came.


There would come no more words, no more smiles nor any laughs from the turtles’ youngest brother.


Maria had been devastated, and then, she left.


A normal life, she said.


A life without any sorrows, she said.


But they would always be welcome on visit… she said a bit reluctant.


Leonardo coughed, groaned as he saw blood splatter onto the monitor before him. He had been sick for some time now, not having Donatello to make research on him to make sure what was killing him, Leonardo had his own fair guesses of what it could be, not liking any of the conclusions he was coming to. But he hadn’t told the kids about it, though he had somewhat an idea of that they already knew, maybe even before he himself knew about it. He dried the blood off his mouth with his arm before standing up, tall and high.


The kids, Lucas and Adam, were out on their nightly running.


They had to get food someway or other, luckily a restaurant near by had been open to share some food with them, after one of its workers found them digging in the dumpster. That was many years ago and now it was his great-grandchild, who also had taken over the restaurant, who kept the “tradition” up. He was one out of very few people who knew about them and accepted them as who and what they were.


… But it wasn’t like that they didn’t have any stocked up… Leonardo just needed an excuse to be alone tonight.


He had said his farewell, and, he guesses, that they somehow knew, they knew that it was now his time – he just didn’t want to wait anymore, he didn’t want this thing to kill him, that’s not how he, Hamato Leonardo should die, when all of his brothers had died a more horrible death. How dare he then to just sleep through it?


Adam’s watery eyes had told that he knew, that they both knew and had concluded that there was nothing to do, but to accept it against their own will. Adam knew, but had show none of it as he had smiled and waved, laughed his laugh with a “see ya, uncle!” He was a smart kid.


So much alike his father.


So much alike Mike.


So I guess this is my final goodbye. Take care, when you come, and when you grow up. Don’t ever leave each other alone. Have faith and… Cough! Don’t let go, of each other... no matter of what.” Hamato Leonardo turned off the camera, then made his way over to the last empty canister, after making a last one long look at the four birthtubs, each containing a very young version of each of them – it still felt surrealistic looking at a very young version of himself in one of them.


He pushed the buttons as Donatello had instructed him to do, as he had done twice before. He halted before pushing the last button, his vision was swimming and it took him a moment or two longer to realise that he was actually crying. Not out of fear, not out of sadness…but out of pure happiness.


It was soon time.


It was soon time for him to meet his beloved brothers.


It was soon time for them all to be a whole again, to be a complete family.


Soon, very soon they would get their second chance in life. Hopefully a life where they could be accepted among more people, as of who they were and what they were.


Hamato Leonardo smiled and sighed in relief.


Never had he thought that he ever would accept death with such open arms, yet he hesitated for just a split-second, questioning his own actions, knowing that drowning wouldn’t be as pleasant as some said. Questioning Donatello’s calculations. Would it work? Would they really become those they once were? Would suicide be acceptable in all of this? Wasn’t there a religion there said that suicidal people would end up in hell? Would those crystals Donnie found really work?

Was this really a good idea?


Was he really going to die alone?


Would he be missed? Probably not, who would e-?


A hand, much smaller, much younger, stronger and cleaner in colours than his, lay upon his green aged hand. Leonardo held his breath, his heart almost skipping a beat. A young, strong determined but calm voice spoke into his ear slit.


“You are not going to die alone tonight, uncle.” A deep raspy voice said. Leonardo gasped and turned his head slowly around, only to be met by the loving face of his oldest nephew.




“Hey, I did say “see ya, uncle”, right? That totally like means that we would see each other again, dude.”


“Adam.” He half chuckled. So much like his father, almost a pure image of him. Adam smiled, though there were tears in his eyes.


“Yup! That’s my name. But you’re not allowed to buy it!” he said with a raised pointed finger.


“What are you two doing here? I thought that I said that we needed to get su-”


“Last time I checked, uncle, and that’s not even two days ago, we had lots of supplies left enough to last a week.”


“You knew.”


“Of course.” Lucas said, squeezing his hand “Let us take it from here, uncle. Let us show you our last respect, by granting your last wish.”


A hug came from behind, almost startling him, Adam laid his beak close into his shell as he spoke. “We don’t want you to die alone, sensei, uncle Leo, that’s not even fair. You don’t deserve such a death. Not if we can help it.” Leonardo let his hand fall and embraced his two nephews, embraced them like he never had done before, held them close, mesmerised their warmth, their smell, their heartbeats, inspiration and expiration. This time he let his tears fall, this time he let them see, let them know how much he loved them, how much he cared about them and how proud he was of them both.


Leonardo stepped into the canister and watched his nephews as the glass closed and locked, sealing him forever inside of this tomb of his. They worked on the panel beside it, pushing the buttons there activated the liquid to slowly fill up beneath his feet, soon getting higher as it reached his knees, his stomach, his chest.


Funny enough he wasn’t the tiniest bit nervous anymore, he felt calm, at peace.


Adam laid his three fingered hand upon the glass, smiling up at him, Leonardo met his hand and smiled back, Lucas’ hand soon joined theirs and none moved their hands, none broke the eye contact as the canister were filled up, nor as the minutes ticked by, as Leonardo started to feel the very need for air. His body jerked, but he forced it to stay calm, he forced to just accept the death with open arms, but even though he couldn’t help the small twitch now and then. Adam tried hard not to cry, Leonardo could see that, he was a strong young turtle, just like his brother, just like his mother and just like his father.


“See you all soon, uncle.” He saw the young turtle mouth at him, he couldn’t hear him, but he could read his lips.


Hamato Leonardo smiled and nodded back, before the breath of life left him, before the last twitch, the last fight for air, was lost and he fell into a sleep of eternity. Only then as his eyes dropped, as the last air bubbles surfaced, did his hand drop.


Hamato Leonardo died just like his brothers; with a little content smile on his lips.


The two last of the Hamato-family stood there and looked at the last famous of the mutant ninja turtles, who once were feared, respected, loved and hated by many, though there were too many haters than lovers.


Lucas grabbed his baby brother from behind and hugged him, held him tight, as the else so happy-go turtle broke down and cried hard and loud. Lucas could do nothing but to keep his own feelings at bay, only silent tears left his reddening eyes, while Adam cried for their uncle, their uncles and their father, as he called for them. Lucas himself did not dare to speak, since he knew that if he did speak a word, he too would break down. Adam needed him, Adam needed someone to be there for him. Only as the hours ticked by, only as they slid to the floor, watched the four mighty turtles before them, only as the tears had dried out, did Lucas dare to speak.


“We will soon meet them again, all four of them.” He said to his brother, Adam only nodded. “Soon, my brother, we will be a whole again. Soon the time will come, as uncle once said.”


“They’re shining.”




Adam pointed up to the room with the birthtubs, were he barely could look into. “Those stones dad once said that uncle Donnie and uncle Raph had found, they’re all shining again.” Lucas leaned to the side to be able to see what his brother saw. He stood up and walked into the room there were lighten up just enough to see things in there, and just as Adam had said, each of the four stones above each canister shone brightly, but the brightest of them all, where the one containing a very young version of Hamato Leonardo.



~The End~




The Last Will of a Mutant Turtle chp 8

chapter 7: The Last Will of a Mutant Turtle

by Crystalbluefox

Summary: Donatello sees himself as a mistake, as he each time fails to be a perfect Brother. Slowly Donatello pulls himself further away from his Brothers as the last drop makes the cup spill. He takes a large risk, as he works hard to give them all a second chance... though all too late he realize what precious time he has tossed away. How could he be so wrong?

Word count: 2634

chapter rated: Rated N16 for blood and death


chapter 7: here

Epilogue: will be up soon

Auch, none reviews from the last ones. That hurt a little. But please tell me what ya think, this author loves reviews, no matter what you'll write, just a single word would make me happy.I've got too much work to do. 
Thanks for reading! The epilogue will be up very soon.
Enjoy your summer!



Chapter 4

A Doctor’s Conclusion







There is an immense headache as he wakes up. He can’t even remember when he last has slept, for not to speak about going to bed being completely smashed.


Had it all just been one horrible nightmare?


Then why does his heart feel so deeply burdened?


And why does the smell of blood hang so heavily around him, like he is bathing in it?


He looks around. It is not his place… it is Zoro’s. He is not even lying in a bed. Did he fall asleep on the floor instead? Then why did it feel so soft? He still feels kind of drowsy as he looks down at the mattress, there shows up to not being a mattress at all. Sanji’s eyes widens as he takes in the scene underneath him and freezes in place, as the memories hits him like a hailstorm.


It hadn’t been a dream, It all had happened. The last eight months had not been a dream; it had been a living nightmare!


Sanji stumbles back as he stares horrified down at the body beneath him, all bloodied, bitten, flesh torn. Silent. Silent as a dead man.


“Oh God, no, nonononono! What-?”


He reaches a shaking hand out for him, and then stops as it touches the other man’s face; there is blood on that hand, blood as he touches his face. There is blood everywhere around them. Zoro’s blood. He feels it building up inside of him as he tries to shake the all too quiet body awake. The feeling is choking him slowly, he wants to cry but he feels no tears in his eyes, instead he feels that craving urge to taste more, to literally lick the body underneath him clean for any blood.


 He shakes his head to get that horrible thought out of his mind and reaches out to the man’s throat, to try to stop the massive bleeding, but with no such luck; the blood keeps oozing out from between his fingers. Though, if it is still oozing like that, then it must mean that he is still alive…right? “Zoro. Zoro! God damn it, Zoro, don’t… don’t you dare die on me, man! Shit! I need bandages!” He moves up and hurries to his friend’s door, but suddenly is stopped by an immense power. “Argh! Shit!” An electric shock shoots through his body the second he tries to step over the threshold. “God damn it! I need to –he needs-!” He tries again, clenches his teethes hard together and pushes on, forcing himself through it, trying to get through that invincible force there keeps him out, only to feel the level of the electrocution to intensify. His vision blinds into whiteness and he has to step back before it will make him fully blind. Panting he looks horrified at his friend, white stars are blooming and exploding in his vision, the corridor is a long white nothingness with a blur of a human body laying unmoving right in the middle of its clearness, as it had done in those fifteen too long seconds. Warily, a bit shaken he steps to his friend’s body and scoops him up into his arms. He can’t get into his apartment, he hasn’t got his permission and would never get it in the state he is in now. Instead he has to take him to the hospital; he had to take him to Chopper. Chopper, he is the only one who could help a man like Zoro.


Everything is a blur, he gives no shit in that as he runs downs the streets in a speed there should be inhumanly impossible, he is running even as fast as a car, without bragging about it. Any other time he would find it cool, this ability here, but now, right now where he tries to have a steady hold on Zoro’s body there lulls lifeless in his arms as he runs, he gives no shit. People turns their faces his way, no doubt wondering about what just passed them, and those who turns before he passes them does not believes their own eyes.


He can hear the man’s heart beating; it’s weak, dangerously weak.


This is taking too long!


He hurries further, pushes himself to his limits, more, even more, it almost feels like that he is flying, faster, faster, faster!


Finally the hospital comes into vision. He hurries but skits to an abrupt halt there literally makes marks in the pavement as he stops before its white gates. White gates. The red brick-building of the hospital never had white gates before, it wasn’t even white to begin with. Why did it have white gates? He takes a daring step closer to it, barely two meters away and he can already feel the tense in the air as the electricity spikes in the air around the freaking whole place. Shit! Shit shit shit shit shit! He hadn’t even thought about this. Bloody mother fucking shitty curse of being a… of being a –damn it!


“Hey! HEEY! SOMEONE THERE?! HEY!!” he calls, hoping to drag someone’s attention, and of course he does as he bellows even louder, interrupting the peace in the shallow night. A man comes out through the glass doors, no doubt a guard of somewhat, and curses at him how the hell he dares to scream up like that, before he halts in midsentence and takes in their conditions. He steps back a little like they had the flu, but then steps forward and gapes.


“Shit! What in the name of -happened to you two? Oh God, let me call the nurses! Just wait-”


“I don’t have the time to wait. Just let me in!” The man raises a brow at him, no doubt taking him for being some kind of lunatic. Sanji almost can see the words “The doors are open to pass through any time, idiot” running above the man’s head, but he says nothing, nods and says those words;


“Come in then, kid, I’ll call the doctors,” The white gates opens for him to enter, gates that no human eye ever would be able to see. The electricity in the air is gone as well. Sanji doesn’t hesitate one second as he hurries inside, though he has to slow it down enough so he wouldn’t pull unnecessary attention. “I don’t need doctor’s, I need Doctor Chopper! Call him!” He calls as he speeds down to where he thinks that their little friend is. He sniffs the air, but it’s too thick with the smell of blood, illness and medications. The smell is so heavy that breathing has become almost too impossible, he could just stop breathing, but breathing was what kept him being close to being humanly. Body starting to feel heavier for each speeding step he takes, he tries to concentrate, concentrates on one specific smell. People gives off a scent there can make dogs track them down even through a meat-store, this shouldn’t be any more different for him. And then, finally, it’s there, among all those strong smells, smells from other humans as well, he finds that familiar scent there no doubt can be no one else but their old friend.


Chopper stands in the middle of the corridor among nurses and busy doctors and helpers, with a white “brick”-phone almost plastered to his one ear, no doubt just been called by the guard. Those large brown eyes widens as they sees him and the young doctor almost drops his phone out of his hands. The guard is yelling at him through the thing and Chopper barely mumbles something incoherently back.


“Sanji!” He beams happily, almost jumps his way, before he halts and stares at him in horror, and then down at a lifeless dangling Zoro. “Zoro!!”


Everything goes fast from then, if his mind had been in right place he would had found the whole ordeal going pretty slowly. With the help of another doctor, Chopper takes Zoro from his arms, puts him onto a bed and hurries away while another one pushes the bed forward as nurses and doctors pampers around the man in the sickbed. Someone yells “We have to stop the bleedings at first!” before another one comments that “the young man would impossible survive this” and “lost too much blood”. A third one whispers a pray of some kind, in a language there are strange to Sanji’s ears. Sanji is right behind them all the way, but slowly sags behind as fatigue weighs him down, for then to stop him fully, just as the doors to the operation-room almost slams him in the face.


Now he can do nothing more but wait…and pray.




The night is silent says for distant mumbles and moans. Baby-cries and the sounds of new-birth mothers shushing them to be quiet, are also heard in the far distance as well. A man couching, nurses, helpers or doctors talking somewhere far down a corridor hitting up to the one passing by this room. He is sitting alone in the waiting room with his elbows on his knees and his face in his hands; he has been sitting like this for hours, more exact like for four hours, fifty minutes and twenty-one seconds by…now. Unmoving, still as a statue; that is the power of a vampire. What only has been moving was his barely heaving chest, as he breathes in shallow breath. It irks him, pulls in his every nerve, in his every molecule in his entire fucking body, it’s close to impossible to keep still, and it’s close to driving him mad.


This, this thick tempting sweet smell of blood.


Sanji pulls his hair, pulls it until the roots screams at him to stop, and then he pulls even more. It’s only thanks to the heavy medical smell in the air, that he can keep himself from leaping up and kill everyone in this place.


Concentrate. Focus. Focus!


Flashes of Zoro laying beneath him on the cold floor, unmoving and bleeding, bleeding too freaking much passes his consciousness; it’s like being there all over again, seeing it again, feeling it again, tasting it again.


He stands on top of a building, watching the streets beneath, keeps an eye at a specific window three floors beneath the building right next to the one he’s standing on. The hunger has craved him, controls him –this was what Zoro had meant about ‘to die’…on the inside, not on the outside.


Then teeth flashes as they seek down and breaks skin, a scream rips through the empty corridor and echoes through his mind, as the two teethes punctuate the pulsing vein.


Sadly, people had already learned to mind their own business and keep away if a neighbour or someone else should be in trouble outside their very front door. Each human is taking care of himself or herself. In this case, that was maybe good or Sanji would not dare to imagine what then would have happened… probably a bloodbath.


Tears are building up in the corner of his eye, for then to release and roll down a burning cheek. Shouldn’t this be impossible for creatures like him to do? To still have these kinds of humanly reactions created from such feelings? No, no he had cried once before, in many days straight, in the beginning of this hell.


Sanji runs his fingers deeper into his hair, searching further behind to grab the hair there, and scrapes his nails along his scalp as he pulls his hands back. A sob threatens to shake through his body, wants to, but his body is so in control that he only can imagine it happening.


He sucks in a breath. An hour more has definitely passed without anything had happened, beside the hands of the old wall clock moving their steady way forward, filling the air with the second hand’s constant ticking for every passing second.


Oh God.


Had he really killed his best friend? No matter how nagging the idiot could be, no matter how they used to fight, jump at each others throats just over small useless things, Zoro was no less his friend, a good friend to boot it, he would even dare to say that the man was somewhat like a brother to him… and now he is misusing that relationship between them to use him as a living meal that he always can return back to.


Sanji feels sick within himself about that.


Six hours has passed now since he entered the building and they drove Zoro away into that operating room. It must be close to morning by now.


Something changes in the air all of a sudden. The clock stops its ticking. It suddenly has become very cold around him.


Sanji holds his breath and listens. There is a sound all right, more like a white noise. He slowly tilts his head to look up, hands slides down along his cheek. He stares, can’t understand what should be wrong. Eyes widens as they finally register what they actually are seeing.


A woman stands in the middle of the room, dressed in a green torn dirtied dress. Her hair is wet, like she just had come inside from a heavy rainstorm. She looks pale, lips a deeper blue than the rest of her body.


He blinks, once, twice.


He can see the old clock through her transparent body.


A ghost? For real?


She looks straight at him, as she opens her mouth to speak; air bobbles searches up to reach a surface there is not even there. The air is now as cold and damp as was he braced by the blue freezing waters of the sea.


She is solid now, solid enough for him to see all her blue marks, all the traces of blood running down from none existing wounds, ripped skin with a sickening almost black blood in the deeps of her deepest wounds.


Then, all of a sudden, the feeling is gone, the air is once again a normal temperature and the woman has vanished.


Instead, where she once stood, now stands a young doctor, a few years younger than him, still in his teens. Bright brown wavy hair falls a bit over steady dark caramel eyes. He looks exhausted, no doubt from working hard the whole night.


“Chopper,” Sanji says relieved as he stands up and are about to ask how Zoro is, but a movement catches his eyes and makes him hold his breath. He looks from his friend’s eyes and down to what is grasped in his small steady hands; glaring at him are a deathly black hole from a gun directed at him.


“Don’t move.” Chopper whispers and sniffles loudly. Sanji looks hesitantly up to meet two tearful eyes and a quivering lip grasped between two set of teethes.


“Chop –I’m not-”


“Don’t move!” There is sorrow in his voice and he steadies the gun right in front of him, grasping the little black thing tightly in both of his hands. The doctor isn’t looking him in the eyes, but… further down. Sanji looks down at himself, then touches his mouth as he realises what it exactly is that the teen is looking at. He snaps his head to the side, only to get met by a very transparent image of himself in the glass windows in the walls; dried blood has marked a way from his mouth and all the way down the front of his shirt, like a once powerful deluge. He is literally bathed in the stuff.


Zoro’s blood.


Oh man, why hadn’t he thought about it somewhat before to at least wash his face clean and hide the bloodied shirt underneath his black suit-jacket, that he was already wearing? Chopper’s eyes are almost glued at the horrific colours, as his breathing becomes unsteady. He can hear the smaller human’s heart taking a polka-dance inside of his constant heaving chest, going even faster as he clearly tries to avoid his eyes.


Sanji takes a step forward “Chopper, I-” an ear deafening sound cuts him off immediately. His keen senses could make him move out of the place in time, but the action in itself shocks Sanji to the ground and he stands frozen in place. The bullet embeds in his upper arm and the pain explodes inside of him. Gritting his teethes he grasps the mutilated flesh tightly in his hand, as he tries to keep himself from making any sounds beside the small whine there manage to escape from clenched teethes.


Fuck it hurts! His fingers makes an unconsciously spastic movement, what sends a serene pain through his arm, where he can feel something embedded in the middle of his muscles slightly scratching against the humerus.


He looks in disbelieve up at his friend who holds a smoking gun in his small trembling hands, fat tears finally releases and rolls down red cheeks. Sanji looks back down on his arm and removes his hand to reveal a black hole. It hasn’t closed yet, no doubt because of the bullet. He prods the hole tauntingly, hisses at the pain there amides from it, then takes a deep breath as he closes his eyes and prods his fingers into the hole. He can hear Chopper gasp as he pushes his fingers in deeper, trying to find the bullet among blood, tendons and muscles. It sickens him and hurts like hell, but he has to get it out. ‘There!’ The tips of his fingers brushes lightly over the cold metal, he can even feel his own muscles around the bullet trying to push it out again.


No sound emerge from his mouth, beside a small whine and a grunt, as he grabs the bullet and pulls it out fast.


Opening his eyes slowly as the throbbing pain makes itself known, he looks down at the little red bullet laying in his flat hand.


He looks at it like he can’t really understand what it is, or that he just had pulled it out from his own upper arm. Looking at said arm, he can feel the torn muscles and tendons starting to recreate themselves and slowly closing. Blood still pours out, until there is nothing but the hole in his shirt left, there can tell from that he just had been pierced by a bullet, fired from a gun there was held in the hand of one of his closest friends. He drops the bullet on the ground and then looks up again.


“Please, just go,” the young doctor literally begs him and sniffles a string of snot back into his nostrils. Any other time, that would have looked adorable. Sanji just stands there, staring blindly at him, still not comprehending what just happened or rather; don’t want to believe it. “GO!” Chopper stresses and fires yet two more shots as Sanji takes one step closer to him; one going pass his shoulder, and one embedding in his abdomen. Chopper cringes but still holds his ground, gun still pointing at the blond.


Sanji drops his head, blond hair covering his pained expression as he turns around, bullet grinding against muscles and tendons, this time hitting something fragile there normally would have killed a human, and then disappears like a gust in the wind, as he speeds out through the door, down the corridors and out, out of this horrible place were he is far from welcome.


He doesn’t stop before he is far out of the town and stands in the middle of a thick forest he doesn’t even remember nor care what name it had. Panting, he feels the salty tears running down reddened cheeks, the bullet torturing his insides, but he ignores it, even though his body tries hard to self push the unwelcome object out, he doesn’t care. If possible, he would just have left it there, he deserves nothing else but pain. Not after what he had done to Zoro.


He hiccups just by the thought of that name.




Oh God.


He had killed Zoro!


Zoro was dead because of him!


Crouching down he sniffles into his hands.


He had killed his best friend.


Murdered him on the most horrible way. Why else, beside that Sanji was… was a –he swallowed hard- a freaking vampire, would Chopper have shot him like that? The last bullet would even had been deadly, had he still been a human being.


He was nothing.


Yes. Yes, he was something. He was a murderer!


Grabbing his hair in a tight grasp he pulls his head back and cries out into the growing morning.


A morning with no life.


A morning with only death.


Crows flees from the treetops at the sound of a young vampire’s painful cries, echoing through the old forest, scaring little animals back into their holes, scares them to run far far away.


He was a murderer!




Chopper stares at the door broken off its hinges, looks longingly down the way he saw the black and blond blurry disappear down at, for less than fifteen minutes ago. Gun drops out of his trembling hands, before said hands searches up to his mouth as he falls to his knees and cries out loud in despair. Hands silencing him the best they can, since he wants no one else to find him like this. 


“M’sorry, S-Sanjii-!” he hiccups and takes in a sharp breath of air and cries more. “Sorry, sorry.”


What had he done? He was so happy to see his friend again, but… but…


Chopper whines, arms sneaking around his own smaller frame, as he lulls back and forth, trying to comfort himself. Then the feelings builds too much up in the back of his throat and he cries out loud.


Like his two friends used to say; Fuck what others thinks!





~To be continued~



Until You Will Laugh Again chp. 4

chapter 3: A Doctor's Conclusion

by Crystalbluefox

Summary: We never thought that they were here, only mere stories we heard about in the darkest hours of night. But they are here, among us, some hidden, others blatently walking at our sides. Sanji never thought that there was any good to his new life, but thanks to his old friend Zoro, he can still manage to stay partly sane.

Word count: 3651

chapter rated: N17 for blood, gore, ghosts and darkness


chapter 3: here

chapter 5: will be up soon

Please, reviews would make this author really happyI love deviantART! 
Hope you enjoy'd the story!OMG! I can't contain my excitement! 

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So, the ending is nearing for my internship at NørreMøllecenter department North in Nexø -only eight days left! 
And then comes the exams! We got a synopsis that we're going to write and defend -and we may only use 14.500 words (with space!) And, knowing me, of course I've used way too many words -and not even being fully done with it! But now I did it! Yosh! Now I can brag about only to have used 14.488 words with spaces, and it's done! *chuckles* So yeah, now I just hope that I got the guts to defend it up to a grade 10 (B) or 12 (A), that would be so cool! But of course, I also have to pass my internship as a Social -and Healthy Assistant (also known as a assistant nurse).
Wish me good luck, 'cause that's what I need, also to need luck to get the job at the hospital, the department for people with apoplexia and for kids. I'd really love to get that job, hopefully I'll get my answer next week... hopefully a good answer *gulps, nervous smile*Happy Clap 


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